All the members of the Advisory Board have contributed in different forms to the success of the OPOB.

Dr. Ennio Ferraglio, Director of the Queriniana Library in Brescia, gave the project permission to use digital copies of one manuscript (Cod. Queriniano D II 21) and one incunabulum (Inc. Queriniano G V 15) from the library that he directs.

Karen Estlund, Head of Digital Library Services at the University of Oregon, is responsible for the creation of the digital repository associated with the OPOB.

Massimo Lollini, Principal Investigator of the project wrote all the introductions to the different sections of the OPOB.

Professor Giuseppe Savoca kindly gave the project permission to use his recent critical edition of the Canzoniere: Petrarca, Francesco. Rerum vulgarium fragmenta. Edizione critica di Giuseppe Savoca, Olschki, Firenze, 2008. Print. This text is copyrighted and can be used only for research and consultation purposes; it cannot be copied or reproduced from our site. Prof. Savoca was also consulted on diverse philological problems involved in the transcription of Cod. Queriniano D II 21 and one incunabulum Inc. Queriniano G V 15.

Prof. Paola Vecchi Galli (University of Bologna) and Dr. Tommaso Salvatore (University of Bologna) proofread the transcription of Cod. Queriniano D II 21 and one incunabulum Inc. Queriniano G V 15.

Marc Vanscheeuwijck is the curator of the musical archive of the OPOB.

Professor Cinzia Capon is the author of the Italian Paraphrases of Petrarch's Rvf included in the OPOB. Along with Massimo Lollini she transcribed and encoded in T.E.I. the digital copies of Cod. Queriniano D II 21 and Inc. Queriniano G V 15. Along with Marco Purpura (poems 1-100) and Alessandra Mantovani (poems 330-366) she transcribed Il Petrarca con l'espositione di M. Alessandro Velutello. Di nuouo ristampato con le figure a i Trionfi, con le apostille, e con piu cose utili aggiunte. Venetia: Gio. Antonio Bertano, 1584. 

Jamie Richards, Rebecca Rosemberg and Elaine Cull are the authors of the English translations of the tweets. 

The following students collaborated on the preliminary development of the Petrarch database and website:

Aria E. Dalmolin
Adrianne E. Hamilton
Andrew K. Poole
Gabriel Valenzuela
Isabelle Pech
Kalah McCaffrey
Luke A. Rosenau
Marco Purpura
Nobuko Wingard
Paulo A. Henriquez

The following students collaboratated on the development of the edition of the Canzoniere in tweet format:

Adrian de Leon
Andrea De Koning
Antonio Schiavulli
Brandi Freeman
Emily Anger
Cameron Butler 
Gail Gould
Michele Agresta
Michael Lukomski
Nicolo Potestio
Rebecca Rosemberg
Robert Belmonte

University of Oregon

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