Codicological description of Inc. Queriniano G V 15

The Inc. Queriniano V 15 is a paper copy of F. Petrarca, Canzoniere e Trionfi. Ed. Cristoforo [Berardi?], [Venezia].Wendelin von Speyer, 1470. It is presently located in the Biblioteca Queriniana in Brescia. The book is a quarto and the typeface is Roman. The initial gathering is of 8 leaves; gathering a-n have 10 leaves; gathering o ha 6 leaves; p-r has leaves and the final gathering has 8 leaves. The Rvf are in leaves 1r-136v and the Trionfi are in leaves 137r.-169r. The colophon is also in 169r. 

The Queriniana copy of the editio princeps of the Rvf is incomplete, only 154 leaves are left out of 182. The following 28 leaves are missing due to explicit tampering made during the centuries: [*1], substituted from ancient times by a parchment leave (including the dedication to a “creature of royal blood”) , [c5, 6, 9], [d2, 9], [e 4-7], [g 8, 10], [h2], [i 3,4,7], [k1], [l4], [q2], [r2, 9, 10], [s3-8]. (Sandal 10-15; Barbieri 88]. 

There are 30 lines; and the text block measures 165-6 mm.  

The Rerum vulgarium fragmenta starts at 1 and ends at 144.  

The Trionfi starts at 145 and ends at 176 since in the Queriniana copy the last 6 leaves are missing. There is no transcription of the Trionfi in the OPOB. 

The former nineteenth-century binding has been removed and the copy has been recently completely restored. 


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