The digital edition of Il Petrarca con l'espositione di M. Alessandro Velutello

We originally planned to transcribe the 1525 edition of Il Petrarca con l'espositione di M. Alessandro Velutello but we discovered that our copy of it was mutilated. For this reason we decided to transcribe a complete copy of the 1584 edition owned by the University of Oregon Knight Library. We decided to apply a basic encoding to this document; we transcribed the text in a Word document and then exported to XML, validated, then ingested into OPOB. The schemas and complete encoded transcriptions are available for user-download on OPOB.

The transcription reproduces the original text without changes, except for the following editorial interventions: 1) expansion of all the abbreviations; 2) very limited changes in the punctuation to improve the understanding of Vellutello complex prose; in particular we added the use of the semi-colon; 3) modernization of some words like conceputo = concepito, fittione = finzione, domenticare = dimenticare, salvatica = selvatica, satisfatto= soddisfatto, havere=avere, hora=ora, luogi = luoghi, ch'alhora = ch'allora, Horatio=Orazio, Boetio=Boezio and similar cases; 4) reduction of the elevated number of majuscules and capital letters  adopted by Vellutello; we made this change only when possibile without alterating the sense of the sentences. These changes are made ad usum lectoris. The entire transcription is presently reviewed by members of the Editorial Board of the OPOB.



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