The Quattrocento commentaries

Starting from the death of the poet in 1374, Gino Belloni lists the following Quattrocento commentaries:

  • Luigi Marsili, commentaries to  Italia mia and 0 aspettata in ciel (1374-75?);
  • Pietro Lapini da Montalcino, Commentary to the Rvf (1443);
  • Guiniforte Barzizza, commentary to the first sonnet of the Rvf (before 1447)
  • Antonio Da Tempo, complete commentary (published in 1477);
  • Francesco Filelfo, partial commentaries to 135 poem (after 1445 and before 1447);
  • Francesco Acciapaccia, complete and unpublished commentary (second half of XV century);
  • Francesco Patrizi, complete and unpublished commentary (after 1478);
  • Gerolamo Squarzafico, partial commentaries that continues the one by Filelfo (1484).

(Belloni, Commenti petrarcheschi, 23-24)

The digital copy of the commentary by Francesco Filelfo and Antonio Da Tempo

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