The edition of Petrarca's Rvf in tweet format is partially inspired by the idea of Twitterature developed by Alexander Aciman and Emmett Rensin; we believe with them that our digital era should develop new and more functional ways of addressing literary texts but at the same time we are convinced that the "burdensome duty of reading" cannot be eliminated. On the contrary, the new ways of reading in the digital era as we conceive them are the result and consequence of broader and deeper reading activities. We conceived the project of writing 366 tweets as the result of different philological activities, from reading the texts in the original language to consulting manuscripts, translations and intersemiotic renderings of the texts. Before writing the 140 characters that make one tweet for one poem we also elaborated paraphrases, summaries and keywords related to the individual poems. Students created the first version of the tweets during a seminar on Re-reading Petrarca in the Digital Era in 2011. The second version was elaborated in the context of a seminar on the same topic during Winter 2014. The latest edition that provided an English translation of the original tweets written in Italian is not complete. The students who participated to the two editions are listed in the Credits menu:

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