We do not have a complete map of the commentaries on Petrarch's Rerum vulgarium fragmenta because we lack a thorough investigation of the manuscript tradition. The commentaries written in the Quattrocento are of particular interest for the OPOB as this project plans to concentrates on the early reception of the Rvf. In the near future we propose to digitize and transcribe two commentaries consulted by Antonio Grifo, author of the glosses and miniatures of the editio princeps of the Rvf published in 1470 by Vindelin de Speyer. The OPOB already includes the Queriniana copy of the princeps, Inc. Queriniano G V 15. The inclusion of Filelfo’s and Da Tempo’s commentaries written in the first half of the Quattrocento will allow another important intertextual dimension to the OPOB.

At the present time the only complete commentary included in the OPOB is Alessandro Vellutello’s Il Petrarca con l'espositione di M. Alessandro Velutello. Di nuouo ristampato con le figure a i Trionfi, con le apostille, e con piu cose utili aggiunte. Venetia: Gio. Antonio Bertano, 1584. This commentary has been transcribed and digitized and is now readable in the OPOB.  Moreover, the OPOB features a digital copy of the first edition of this commentary published in 1525 and an introductory essay to the life and works of Alessandro Vellutello by Andrea Severi.

In the future we plan to include in our hypertext two other important commentaries for the reception of Petrarch in nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the one prepared by Giacomo Leopardi and the one prepared by Carducci-Ferrari. An introduction to the latter commentary by Andrea Campana is already available in the OPOB.

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